Half-size dolly

The half-size dolly is just the right solution for fast and safe transportation. It is robust, durable and can thus be used as an economical returnable system. This makes the half-size dolly an important factor in cost planning. This is not least positively influenced by the fact that when a dolly is used, no changes in work sequences or processes is necessary. Furthermore, the rolling dolly needs no other aids, which makes handling extremely easy. Through the use of the half-size dolly, savings can be achieved in personnel and handling costs. Furthermore, versions with different anti-slip edges can be supplied. As far as logo application and color are concerned, it can also be produced customer-specifically. This not only has a positive effect on the image, but also provides for a professional and uniform impression on the end customer.


Dimensions: 600 x 800 mm
Height with 125 mm
Wheels: 211 mm
Maximum load: 450 kg
Material: HDPE
Anti-slip edge versions: upon request

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